quarta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2014

Cloth, horses, and money

He had an amour or at all events was in love with the Marquise de Mallespine, who was accounted one of the most beautiful, accomplished, and virtuous ladies of Provence. He made many songs in her praise, and the lady sent him privately various presents of cloth, horses, and money, together with a letter beseeching him to desist from his attentions for a time. He complied with her request, but first sent her a song in form of a dialogue between the marquise and himself, commencing thus, -

“Desportas vous Amy d aquest amour per aras.”

To which the next verse replies –

“Mais comme faray yeu (diz’ieu) mas Amours karas
My poder desportar d’aquest affection?
Car certas yeu endury en esta passion
Per vous ingratament mantas doulours amaras.”

Excerto da biografia de Albert de Gapençois.
The Biographical Dictionary, Vol. I, Parte II, p. 673 (1842).

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